Hussey Vivian : Wellington` Hussar General: The Career of Richard Hussey Vivian During the Campaigns in the Low Countries, the Peninsular War & the Waterloo Campaign of 1815

Claud Vivian

One of Wellingtons outstanding horse-soldiers Richard Hussey Vivian saw action throughout Britains wars with Napoleonic France much of the time under the direct command of the great Duke. This is the military career of a consummate light cavalry soldier of the age of Napoleon. However, Hussey Vivian first went to war as an infantry officer with HM 28th in 1794 as part of the Duke of Yorks forces on the ill fated expedition to Flanders. In 1798 he transferred to the 7th Light Dragoons and this change in his military status defined his subsequent career. He not only became the 7ths Colonel but retained an affection for it thereafter. In 1808 he took part in the Corunna campaign-actively engaged in the rearguard of the retreat and in actions at Sahagun and others. A return to the Peninsular brought command of a light cavalry Brigade under Hill and later Hussey Vivian was seriously wounded in action in the South of France. At Waterloo he commanded the 6th Brigade under Uxbridge. This essential book for every student of the Peninsular War and the Waterloo Campaign the horse soldiers knew is available in soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket for collectors.